What about me?

WELL... My name and the place I live hasn't got importance. I am 17 and, well... My life is a little bit the things you have read or you're gonna read. I have a difficult life, well, as difficult as every teenager. I have the typical problems: arguments with my family and with my friends, and the stress of being studying everyday.
I love my family. I would give my live for some of them. Really. But every family have arguments and me, because I'm the big sister, I have more responsibilities and these things. But despite this, all right.
My friends? Well...Talking about friends is a difficult topic because most of them will disappoint you in some moment. A lot of people have disappointed me lots of times, talking about me, betraying me... So, most of the friends that you have in that moment won't be there when you need it. I have two best friends and, God, I would give my fcking life for them. They aren't my blood sisters but we are sisters of are sisters of heart. They were there when I cried, when I laugh, not only in the bad and good moments, ALWAYS. The know me better than my mum. With them I am as I am, without fear. Our friendship is bigger than all the things of this world, it's indescribable. I promise.
And, about my studies...Now I'm studying second of 'batxillerat' that, if you don't know, is the previous course to enter to the university. And, when I finish this course I want to do a degree of history in the university. You will be thinking, history? Yes. I love history. The parts of the history I love the most are the wars. I'm a fanatic of the Second World War. In my opinion is the most interesting thing I know. Yes, I'm a girl, but the war films are my debility. That Christmas my parents gave me de TV serial of 'The pacific' and I love it. I had seen it once, but I like it and I wanted all the CD's. After I finish the university, I will be a history teacher, I wish.
And...The wrost problem I have? Love. I'm the typical girl that believe in love, believe in the blue prince...But the experience and the time show you that nowadays the blue prince doesn't exist. You know boys and you love them but, later, they are suckers and 'bye'. I have unfounded hopes about finding my love, the boy that make me can't sleep, the boy that make me feel in the heaven, the boy that with only a single touch make me think "yes, here you are. I've been looking for you all my life and now, here you are". Oh men, I've never fallen in love, but I felt a lot of beautiful things of some boys. My problem is that I don't have fun and I'm always bored about love. Because, always, I suffer of love. Or, if I don't suffer because of the boy I suffer because I feel alone again. And it burns you inside your buddy, inside you heart. And you are psychically tired about it.

So my blog talk, more or less about it. In Spanish, obiously. I'm from Catalonia, if you don't know it. So, I hope you like my blog, if you want to comment, do it, and if you have some question, in the left it's a link 'ASK ME' where you can ask me whatever you want and I will answer as soon as I can.